Instagram Stories & Reels

Do you embed Instagram content on your websites using the native embed function?
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Start using Viqeo to embed Instagram posts, stories, and reels into your content, and monetize them using an advanced ad server! With us, you will generate additional in-stream inventory, the most expensive ad format on the Internet.

Two ways to monetize Instagram using Viqeo

Embed posts, stories and reels to your articles forever.

No more "The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed."
Add Instagram content to your website pages
Create engaging videos based on Instagram content
Create videos of consequent posts, reels and stories and show them inside the advanced video player, tailored to your website look and feel.
It's easy to start earning more with Viqeo

It depends on a number of factors: GEO of your visitors, type of content, number of monthly visitors, and more. In general, we project around 1,5 USD additional eCPM (earning per thousand views). We pay monthly.
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About Viqeo

Viqeo is an all-in-one video platform for digital businesses.

Start using Viqeo and enjoy a full range of advanced solutions to create, upload, store, distribute, analyze,
and monetize video content.
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Viqeo is a Google MCM Partner

Not only Instagram

Viqeo provides limitless opportunities for your video content.

An advanced and fully customizable video player to match the look and feel of your website

Video widgets and setups to engage your audience better

Detailed analytics with over 30 video-specific parameters to understand what works best for your business

Built-in ad server to launch direct campaigns and connect your demand sources

+ over a hundred features, trusted by 9.000 clients

Power up
your videos

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