Automatically converts your articles into engaging full-motion videos with a single line of code to generate extra revenue with premium instream inventory.

Article-to-video player

AI-powered audio & video solution for your website
Viqeo analyzes the text of an article and extracts its key phrases and visuals
AI combines these elements to create a dynamic video that captures the essence of the article
Your visitors enjoy a user-friendly alternative to reading while you improve your website performance
It’s a win-win both for content and monetization
Article-to-video sample
Let AI do the job
The format appeals to users. It is organically inscribed into your website design and does not affect the page load speed
Improved user experience
Viqeo served 9 billion videos in 2022 with 99,9% uptime. You are in a good company
Robust infrastructure
We use a broad spectrum of tools to turn your article into a video worth watching
Advanced technology
Why turn your articles into videos
Videos add new high-CPM ad inventory without affecting your current ad stack
Get the Most Valuable Ad format on Market
Retain visitors with highly engaging videos
Reduce Bounce Rate Improve SEO
Viqeo AI automatically creates a video for you in less than 3 minutes
Save time and money on video production
Monetize your additional instream inventory
Not only does Article-to-Video provide a great alternative to reading the text, but can also become your next revenue driver. The generated videos are a native format accepted by Google and all the major ad platforms, so you are free to monetize it with premium demand sources. Viqeo partners with all the notable demand suppliers, including
of article-to-video player
Voiceover for all your videos with soft background music for comfort watching
Background audio
Adjust the player to match
the look and feel of your website
5 million+
stock images and videos
In a few simple steps, create, enhance and edit your video content inside Viqeo platform to make them look premium
Data-proven effectiveness
Adding videos to your website can be an effective way to increase the average time spent on your website. By making truly engaging video content for your visitors, you can achieve both goals of getting visitors to spend more time on your page and interact with your content more. One study found that people spent on average about 1.4x more time on pages with video than without.
People prefer watching to reading 1
of visitors prefer
Combine streams, in-image, and banner ads in one placement
to maximize
4-format mix
Instream video ads’ CPMs are up to 20% higher than those of outstream 2
higher CPMs compared
to outstream
What Chat-GPT 4.0 says about video effectiveness:
Time on page

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